Salicylic Acid 30%, 60 ML ( Inflammatory & Non-Inflammatory Acne & Acne Scars ) Sale

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Vendor: Fasderma India

Type: Professional Peels

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Salicylic Acid 30%, 60 ML ( Inflammatory & Non-Inflammatory Acne & Acne Scars )

Rs. 4,800

Customer Reviews

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Satisfied 🙃

Not good not bad , average product. No side effects.

Works on open pores

It does works on open pores….. open pores are visibly small… writing this review after 15 days use

It's all about time

It's lightweight and i don't if it's supposed to be sticky because it's my first time using a serum but it makes my skin glow and i have been using it only for 2 days i will keep you all posted and tell you about the results in a few days or probably weeks if i forget to add a response for reference it feels good it does not have a good smell though but feels nice on skin i have combination skin which is kinda sensitive it gives a little burning sensation and i have been using the serum right after cleansing my face so yeaIt have been a few weeks and it works but it takes a lot of time and patience and if you break the cycle your skin goes back to normal you have to use it regularly after washing your face with a cleanser it will show it's effects after some time and i used to put on salycilic acid and niacinamide together nicainamide minimizes pores and makes your skin texture better and nicainamide one also removes acne marks and the salicylic one helps in reduction of swelling of pimples

The 30% salicylic acid serum.

I purchased this item based on a lot of research as my skin is sensitive. I have started to use this product on my T-zone after first and second usage i didn't feel any problem but after third usage i felt that my skin on where I had applied the serum was becoming dry. This is just an initial review. Will give review after one month.

a boon!

i am a teenager, and have been struggling with acne for a long time. but this serum + the Fasderma salicylic acid face wash work like a wonder on my skin. Not only it dries out and heals the acne much faster, it improves the overall skin texture and oiliness. also we always have to keep in mind that our skin changes a lot due to weather and hormones, so dont worry if your skin suddenly starts to appear to be more oily than usual or have breakouts, its natural. the only thing you need is to have patience!